Whether you want to become a resident or a member, the first step is to take the Woodshop Basics course. This course runs once a month and cost $45. This course is not required in order to attend other courses we offer.


  • Spaces suitable for woodworking, metalworking, and upholstery are available at the back of the building. Included in this type of residency is a dedicated work space (customizable), access to the common areas, non-exclusive use of the shared workspace and machines, wifi and utilities. Rates start at $300/month. Please contact us for more detailed rates. Workshop

  • "Clean" artisan studios are available at the front of the building for other types of maker crafts. These include but are not limited to: ceramics, leatherwork, artists (painters, sculptors), graphic designers, paper designers, apparel designers. These spaces are lockable, have a door and window, and have access to all common areas except the large workshop, and include wifi and all utilities. See Artist Studios for more information and rates.


This membership includes use of all the common areas including non-exclusive use of the shared machines. Members are provided a workbench to use while at The Maker's Space. Members must either rent additional storage or take their materials and projects home when they leave for the day.  

Membership costs $100 per month. See membership details for more information.

We will be hosting 2-4 small basic workshops per month in a variety of fields. At these workshops a master craftsman will walk you through the steps of a specific project from beginning to end. You will walk away with more knowledge about the tools you used and a product that is usable in your home. This is a great way for beginners to get into woodworking or another craft. Education